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About Me

I have led software engineers for 14 years, after being an engineer myself. I've lived up and down the west coast, the vast majority of time in Oregon. I'm looking for a new opportunity in the Portland area.


If you're looking for someone who excels at coordinating tasks and projects, loves improving development processes and technology, and enjoys helping groups of engineers bond into trusting, solid, performing teams, please contact me.



Darryl Martin


Oregon City, Oregon


Husband, Father, Leader of software engineers and other technical folk.

Professional Experience

 Vobile, Portland, Oregon

Executive Director of IT and Engineering ,  November 2015 – March 2020

    At Vobile I was in charge of everything related to software engineering, IT, and technical support in the Portland office. That included maintaining a large legacy software system; building a new software foundation for modern products; providing technical support for customers, internal and external; and coordinating technical and business planning with all levels of management and with other American and Chinese offices.

    I streamlined the engineering process while at Vobile, guiding the engineers to new programming platforms and processes. The legacy code was in C/Perl/Mason. I spearheaded the move to Python/Vue.js and switched from a semi-agile Scrum-like development process to a truly agile Kanban process.

    While at Vobile I migrated the legacy system and SaaS products - which includes multiple Oracle and Postgres databases; thousands of programs; e-mail, application, and authentication services – from a third party hosted environment to a self-managed AWS environment. This cut infrastructure costs by 25% in addition to greatly increasing our flexibility.

    At the same time, I moved the company from a third party hosted network and MSAD service to a self-hosted one, with no unexpected down time or complications. This cut infrastructure costs another 15%.

Rentrak, Portland, Oregon

June 1994 – October 2015

    I spent most of my career at Rentrak, before they became part of Comscore. I grew from a novice programmer to an engineering leader, trying out different roles along the way.

Senior Manager Software Engineering – On Demand Entertainment, October 2012 – October 2015

    When the company restructured I transferred to the On Demand division. There I led three engineering teams: a strategic projects team, a team of software architects, and a QlikView business intelligence programming team. We maintained reporting systems that imported data from hundreds of dissimilar sources to track nine billion international financial transactions per year. We also explored ways to adapt new technology, new architectures, and new processes to better our products and our development.

    One result of that exploration was the adoption of QlikView. I led the design and development of a company-wide adoption of a QlikView business intelligence reporting system which we hosted on Amazon cloud services. This led to a decrease in report development time by a factor of 10.

    One of my more important roles was as the primary liaison between engineering and other departments and sub-departments. I was the primary contact with the infrastructure group, information security, audit, and others. I served on and led several committees.

Director of Information Services – Home Entertainment, October 2011 – October 2012


    As the Home Entertainment engineering director, I led two development teams and a development manager. My primary accomplishment was successfully converting/incorporating two large software acquisitions from Microsoft software stacks into modified forms of our software stack, cementing a relationship with a new major client.​

Software Development Manager – Home Entertainment, January 2005 – September 2011

    In my initial management role I took over and grew the Home Entertainment engineering department. During that time, I built and maintained ERP software; successfully implemented the Scrum process and introduced it to the rest of the company; coordinated a move from a single server environment to a multi-server, multi-tier environment; worked with IT Risk Compliance and external auditors as the Sarbanes-Oxley technical lead; and led the creation of the company's first online commerce web site.

Oracle Database Administrator – May 2002 – January 2005

    I served a stint as a DBA, performing database maintenance and administration on multiple Oracle databases, including Oracle versions 8, 9, and 10.

Project Manager / Sr. Programmer / Programmer –  June 1994 – May 2002


    In my first years at Rentrak, I filled whatever engineering role was needed. I programmed primarily in C and Perl with some Java. I managed several legacy conversion projects including a year 2000 conversion involving 2000 separate programs.


    Between graduation and Rentrak I did contract development and programmed at Symbio Technologies.

Education and Skills

I graduated as a Presidential Scholar from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Some additional formal training:

Grant Thompson: Leadership Training, Portland, Oregon

Dale Carnegie: Effective Communications, Portland, Oregon

SkillPath Seminars: Business Analysis Essentials, Portland, Oregon

I am skilled in software engineering management, project management, strategic planning, problem resolution, agile processes, and SDLC. On the technical side I'm skilled at SQL, cloud services and migration, cyber security, database design and management, Oracle and Postgres databases, C, Perl, and Python.